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Water is Safe to Drink in Jamaica

The environment conditions in Jamaica allows drinking potable water to be safe to drink and for food preparation. Although Jamaica is considered a Third World country, their tap water meets drinking water quality standards, and is suitable for drinking. “According to the World Health Organization’s 2017 report, safe drinking water is water that “does not represent any significant risk to health over a lifetime of consumption.” Water in Jamaica is readily available when needed, and due to the water sources in Jamaica coming from the many rivers, Jamaica water is free from contamination and safe to drink.  Hence Jamaica water is suitable for drinking.

Many homes in Jamaica have piped water on their premises, and those that don’t, gather their water at nearby rivers, or they can find tap water location in their areas, where they can fetch water daily from those sources.

Tourist, staying in hotels in Jamaica, never have to be concerned regarding drinking water in Jamaica or brushing their teeth. All hotels are equipped with proper drinking water for food processing, and making lots of exotic drinks, with ice. If you ever get a chance to tours a few of the rivers in Jamaica, take advantage of the tour, and have a drink, it will be safe and clean, especially if you travel to Blue Mountain, one of the highest peak in Jamaica.

However, if you are still in doubt, and want to drink bottled water, your driver can stop along the way from Montego Bay airport to your resort, and you can purchase water at a grocery store, or supermarket. The most widely used drinking water on the island, is WATA  which is purified and Lifespan which is spring water.

The cost of bottled water in Jamaica range from USD$1.00 to USD$2.00 per bottle. Therefore, don’t be concerned. Drinking tap water in Jamaica is very safe. Now, go ahead and book your hotel, and Montego bay airport transportation. Come to Jamaica for a fabulous vacation and drink lots of water and flush out the toxin in our bodies.






Hedonism 11 Negril Jamaica – 2016 Events

Private airport transportation from Montego Bay aiport to Hedonism 11 -Negril. Private Only transfer $30 per person or $60 for 2 people. Group rate varies from $10 to $15 per person.

SLS/TABOTA Event * February 6 – 13, 2016
“Take A Bite Out of The Apple! Give into the temptation of erotic taboos and explore your hedonistic side! Join us for a week of naughty activities that will make your “vanilla” friends blush.”
Swingers Break Event * April 9 – 16, 2016
“Spring break is well known as a week long, non-stop party full of high energy people looking to escape and have as much fun as possible. This event like spring break but with a twist! We mix open-minded swinger couples and the party atmosphere of spring break to create Swingers Break! How much fun can you handle?”
Sexy Silver Event * May 14 – 21, 2016
“Our Sexy Silver group is designed for mature couples 45 and older who enjoy interacting with others in that age group.”
Wicked Wildcats Spring Fling Event * May 21 – 28, 2016
“The host couple for this event are Rick and Suzie, the most devoted and enthusiastic hosts you’ll ever meet. Wicked Wildcats is all about fun, fun and more FUN! See what spring has in store for you and meet a mix of new friends.”

Young & Wild Week * May 21 – 28, 2016
“This week is better than spring break!!! Carley and Marc are the hot, Young host couple from Vegas that will light this party on fire! They have a national following that is an “under 40″ (years old) group and they bring together groups of young couples from, and other lifestyle websites, as well, bringing many young newbies that want to experiment but are not ready to ‘go-all-the-way’. Cum join the fun!”
Colette & * July 16 – 23, 2016
“Join John and Jackie of colette clubs and for one of this summers wildest events. There will be lots of sexy swingers from colette Dallas, Colette New Orleans and fans of  Come on out and party with them!!”
SLS Exchange Event * October 1 – 8, 2016
“SLSeXchange produces hotel takeover events across the USA for like minded couples looking for a fun relaxing no pressure atmosphere. In October they will be taking their high energy fun and games to Hedonism Resort.”
Wicked Wildcats Oktoberfest * October 8 – 15, 2016
“Your Wicked Wildcats experience includes a VIP Pass to all WickedWildcats Special Private Events, Daily Prizes and Give Always, Wildcats Play Room night in Our Erotic Playrooms along with the Wildcats Love Swing and much more!”
M&M Parties presents Hedo Blow Out * October 8 – 15, 2016
“Maggie and Misa have thrown some of the biggest & best parties ever held in the state of Florida. They are now bringing the party to Jamaica and Hedonism! This event will feature non-stop naked pool parties during the day and non-stop playtime at night. For those that are looking for the REAL players, this is an event that will be sure to blow you away!”
Pure Pleasures Event * November 5 – 12, 2016
Pleasure comes in many forms and this event lets you explore them all. Join our group full of lifestyle couples looking to get the most out of life and enjoy every moment of it in a safe, open environment. This event is the ultimate guilty pleasure without the guilt!

Six Discoveries about Jamaica

By: lola [at] lolastravels [dot] com

Aruba, Jamaica oooh I wanna take you… You know how the song goes. I wanna take you on a little quick trip to Jamaica with me. I love the Caribbean and decided this year I needed to see a bit more of it. So, on a snowy weekend in New England, I looked for the best deal I could find to get down to the Caribbean in March. Jamaica was the lucky winner and BOY I am so glad. I had always been curious about Jamaica but it wasn’t at the top of my must-see Caribbean islands. Now that I’ve been I’m really am not sure why that was. It is the perfect place for me. There you can find a little bit posh and a little bit rough around the edges – my favorite sort of destination. Here are six discoveries I had about Jamaica.

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Private Taxi to Hedonism 11

What kind of people go to Hedonism?
All types — doctors and lawyers, musicians and artists, secretaries and truck drivers, moms and retirees.

What kind of people should not go to Hedonism?
Don’t go to Hedo 11 if you can’t tolerate seeing naked people in public… If you are a couple, can you tolerate your spouse talking to a naked person of the opposite sex when you are not around? More importantly, can you tolerate your spouse possibly being hit on?

Why you should take private airport transfer? 5 reasons
First and foremost; you don’t have to wait on a bus for others going to other hotel flight to arrive. Second,  others won’t be  staring at you when you tell the driver your are going to Hedonism. Third, there is no  price difference between shuttle bus and booking online with a private taxi and tour operator. Fourth, You don’t have to leave the resort early. Fifth, many private Montego Bay airport to Negril private taxi and tour operators provide complimentary beverages.

Cost: $60 one way for 2 people or $120 round trip from Montego Bay airport to Negril

Therefore, if you are the kind of person that should go, and don’t want the hassle of waiting, and traveling with others. Then private transfer is the way to go. Go online and book with us or any online Montego Bay airport to Negril taxi and tour operators.

By Antonio Airport Transfers and Tours



Bob Marley Family – News

updated by: Antonio Airport Transfers and Tours – Negril

Bob Marley family launches “first world cannabis brand” as quoted below:

“The family of the late Jamaican reggae artist, Bob Marley has launched what they describe as the world’s first global cannabis brand.

It will be called Marley Natural and be used to sell cannabis-infused lotions, creams and various accessories.

The new brand is being developed with Privateer Holdings based in Washington state, stressing the life and legacy of Jamaica’s greatest cultural export.

It is intended to be sold in the US and possibly worldwide from next year.”

In Jamaica smoking marijuana border on illegal, although not a lot of emphasis is placed on smoking on your property. What is illegal is buying, selling and growing. Therefore, if you can smoke it, without buying, selling or growing it, then you might not have a lot of  problem with the law, especially if you only have a very small joint and smoking on your property.

Please note: We at Montego Bay Airport to Negril Taxi and Tours are not supporting nor condemning smoking marijuana. We are here to provide customer service, and one of our services is to inform our guest and our customers about news in  and about Jamaica.

10 Things to Pack That Will Save You Money wrote, For travelers watching their wallet, it’s important to stick to a budget, find money -saving travel deals, and get the best possible exchange rate.Additionally, those looking to save cash would do well to pack strategically. The right travel gear can help you keep costs down while seeing the world. Pack the following 10 items to save money on airline bag fees, laundry-service charges and other expenses.

  1. Empty Carry-On Travel Bottle
  2. Suncreen Stick – great for Jamaica beach
  3. Luggage Scale
  4. Snacks
  5. DuctTape
  6. Compression Sack
  7. E-Reader
  8. Empty Water Bottle
  9. Travel Laundry Detergent
  10. Security Bag for carrying your passport and valuable items
  11. Mosquito bug spray
  12. Personal items

Female Solo Travelers to Negril

Antonio Taxi and Tours  – shares tips aimed specifically at solo female travelers to Negril.

SAM_2457  Be Careful on the Beach – Invest in waterproof gear to protect your valuable. Don’t swim intoxicated. Only get in the water when others are around. Don’t trust strangers to watch your possessions.

 Stay Focus – Don’t lose focus of where you are. Always remember there are people out there seeking out lonely female travelers. Trust your instincts.

 Rent a phone – Rent a phone with local and international credits. Input the number for the police department, Jamaica Tourist Board, your embassy, and hid it in a safe place. Avoid unwanted attention from would-be predator.

Plan Your Evening – Party near your hotel. Do not take a taxi that is not licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board. Check the vehicle tags on the vehicle, and make sure they are a member of JUTA Negril.

Safety Tips – Do not walk on the beach at night. Do not walk on the cliff (West End) at night. Only drinks a reputable bars. Avoid getting drunk. Do not go to anyone’s home and stay overnight. If you would not do it at home, don’t do it overseas. Don’t make it widely known that you are traveling alone.

Buying Drugs – All drugs including marijuana is illegal in Jamaica.

Communicate Home – Call home and send text messages updating friends and family of your regular activities.

Valuable – Leave all valuable you would be devastated losing.

Inexpensive hotels – Cheap might be good for your pocketbook, but know the location of your hotel before you book.

There are only a few. If you have more advice for solo travelers, send them to






Negril Treehouse Airport Transfer

Awesome deal: $65 for two people one way private transportation or $120 round trip. Reserve this special offer at

Negril Treehouse Resort is a Negril Area, Jamaica Hotel. For the past 25 years, they continue to dedicate themselves in providing high standards of accommodations and services to create the ultimate experience for their guests.

The resort offers 70 well equipped rooms complete with all the amenities.

Relaxing at Negril Treehouse resort, you will see our Jamaica unforgettable sunsets. The resort offers various water sports such as windsurfing, snorkeling, boat rides, water-skiing, parasailing. You may wish to relax near the resort by taking a lovely walk along the 7 miles of breathtaking beaches,  or relax by just hanging at the beach bar.

Attractions & Tours:

Catamaran ride – take a ride along the beautiful majestic coast of the Caribbean

Bobsledding in Jamaica – twist down the mountainside, along the ground of the rainforest at great speed

Appleton Estate Rum Tour – legendary distillery nestled in the picturesque Jamaica Southeast

Luminous Lagoon – see nature at its best

Dolphin Cove – enjoy various activities with our friendly dolpins




Hot Hotels Deals in Negril

The following hotels in Negril, is offering awesome September deals. Why not married your package.  First book your hotel. Second book your flight, and Third, book your Montego Bay airport transportation from the airport to your destination in Negril. We charge the same as  shuttle services, we get you to your resort within 1 1/2, and  instead of leaving 6 hours ahead for your departure, you get to depart within our safety departure time of 4 hours before your plane departure Jamaica.

Awesome Montego Bay airport to Negril transportation deal – $25 per person one way. Must have min of 2 people in your party. Mention this promotion code 4990 for this special airport to Negril deal. Offer ends October 2014.

Hotels with the hot deals for September

  • Travellers Beach Resort
  • Country Country
  • Sea Splash Resort
  • Sandy Haven
  • Rondell Village
  • Rhodes Resort
  • SeaStar
  • Foote Prints on the Sands
  • Bar-B-Barn Beach
  • Pure Garden
  • Legends Beach Resort
  • Negril Tree House
  • Samsara Resort
  • Negril Palms

email. for your special deal.

Planning Your Wedding In Negril Jamaica

Wedding Checklist


There are many considerations that need to take place before putting together a wedding. The most important factor of any wedding  is where the wedding will occur.

  • Type of weddings (formal, semi formal, casual, etc.)
  • How many guests?
  • Who will be attending and there age group.
  • Is there a guest of honor?
  • Will there be an officiator?
  • Special considerations for certain guests (allergies, ADA accessible, etc.)


Here are some basic considerations for selecting the right venue for your event.

  • Type of wedding(formal, semi formal,casual, etc.)
  • Indoor or outdoor event
  • Longevity of event (how many hours)
  • Food and Drink arrangements
  • Activities at Event (dancing, karaoke, etc)
  • Capacity/Square footage of Venue
  • Venue Name and Address
  • Cost of Rental (per hour, per day)
  • Seating arrangements
  • Restroom accommodations
  • Security


Food and Drink is a necessity at any wedding.

  • Indoor or outdoor event
  • Longevity of  wedding(per hour, per day)
  • Buffet, pre-made, or menu/waiter
  • Type of food to serve
  • How many meals
  • Non-Alcoholic or Alcoholic beverages?
  • Snacks?


Here are some basic considerations for selecting the decorations.

  • Type of wedding (formal, semi formal, casual, etc.)
  • Centerpieces
  • Flowers, balloons, banners, flags, etc.
  • Party favors
  • Lighting

Other Considerations

Here are some basic considerations for selecting the decorations.

  • Attire
  • Airport Transportation – Shuttle Service, or Private,large or small group
  • Things to do in Negril for your wedding  –  local bar hopping, Rick’s cafe, Blue Hole, horse back riding
  • Hotel Accommodations – last but not least – where are you going to hold the wedding, and will it also be the place for your honeymoon night

Book your round trip airport transportation  and receive our wedding promotional rate.


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