Montego Bay Airport Taxi Direct to Negril, Jamaica

 No hassle. No waiting. No shared services. Non Stop to Negril

Our prices are competitive and within reasonability. We hope all our customers are 99% satisfied and will also offer their gratitude to their driver. 

Option 1

 Private vehicle with no other passengers in your vehicle to and from your hotel in Negril.

     Base price forpeople $60  one way or $120 Round trip

Base price for 2 people  $35 per person one way or $65 per person Round trip

Book our Private Vehicle –  Will either be – 2, 4, 9 seats. In all cases it is private only and direct from Montego Bay airport to Negril. Non Stop, Unless you request a stop. 

Other Prices

3 people $ 25 per person one way or $45 per person round trip

4 people $18 per person one way or $35 per person round trip

5 people $16 per person one way or $32 per person round trip

6 people $15 per person one way or $30 per person round trip

Book our Private Vehicle –  

Option 2

Luxury Service  – Private car with only 2 people or your guest to your hotel in Negril. This is our VIP Services –   A bottle of chilled champagne served in real champagne glasses on arrival. 


6 Cold Jamaican Beer on arrival


2 pint cold Jamaican Rum Punch

Cost : $100 one way or $180 round trip.

Book Your Luxury Services    


All our drivers are extremely safe, all vehicles have working seat beat, AC, and very clean. 

Mr. Antonio’s Rule: Our drivers do not drive “like a bats out of hell” Your safety is our business!

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Why Should You Book With Us

Instead of taking a shuttle bus, travel in style – We offer private transportation from Montego Bay airport to Negril and return to the airport in one of our many vehicles. Here are 8 reasons:

When you travel to Jamaica. You should leave your stress behind. Relax and everything will be alright. Bob Marley said, “Dont Worry About A ting…Cause Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright.”

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Phone number/WhatsApp or Text 1- 561-232-7240 and speak to Diana Walsh or Antonio Johnson at 1-876-427-4409 for immediate booking and additional information about our packages and services.

We keep our promise to you our customers!

Antonio Transfers and Tours

Diana Walsh – Reservation -1-561-232-7240 USA or Antonio Johnson – 876-427-4409  you can phone / WhatApp/Text


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