DON’T GO INTO AREAS AT NIGHT THAT ARE POORLY LIT – Always err on the side of caution.

DON’T RENT SCOOTERS/CARS/BIKE – The rules in Jamaica is to travel on the left. Therefore, if you are not familiar with curves, turns and left side of driving, this can cause you to have a very short vacation.

DON’T JUST EAT AND DRINK THINGS THAT ARE FAMILIAR – Try the local foods and drinks, such as ackee, curry goat, stew pea, cowfoot, oxtail, irish moss, JB rum, ting, and many of our local cuisines.

DON’T FALL IN LOVE IN NEGRIL – Negril is the capital of casual, and many of the men and women on the beach are all about sex and money. They will fool you with their lyrics, and it is very intoxicating. Take it for what it is worth. Enjoy what they have to say and move on.

DON’T TAKE  RED PLATE TAXIS THAT DOES NOT DISPLAY JTB (JAMAICA TOURIST BOARD) STICKER ON THEIR WINDSHIELD.  These taxis without the JTB stickers  are more convenient, because they are everywhere, and can get you anywhere you want to go. But, they do not carry Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) liability insurance. If you are adventurous and don’t mine the risk. Taking one of these taxi is an experience.

DON’T GO ON A BIG  BUS FOR A TOUR. If you are traveling in a very large group, you might have to go that route. Because taking individual private transportation will be costly. On the big tour buses, there are too many people asking different questions, some want to stop, while others want to go. You will never get all what Jamaica has to offer when you travel on a tour bus.

DON’T GO SHOPPING IN THE CRAFT MARKET. Unless you know what you want, you will be very frustrated with the number of vendors selling the same things, and rushing you from stalls to stalls. Go to the duty free shop or asked your driver to take you to a place less hassling.

DON’T JUMP FROM THE CLIFF AT RICK CAFE – If you are having any health issues, or don’t know how to dive from a diving board, visit and watch the locals.

DON’T WALK THE BEACH LATE AT NIGHT – It is very dark and lonely and can attract unscrupulous character.

DON’T WALK ON THE CLIFF SIDE OF NEGRIL AT NIGHT- Due to limited side walk, poorly lit roads, and very sharp corners. Drivers are always utilizing walking space.

Written by Kaden

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