Jamaica Tours and Excursions


Our Top 10 Tours in Jamaica 

  • # 1 – Negril Sightseeing – Tour includes:  Ricks Cafe the most famous place in Negril and the opportunity to cliff dive or watch the cliff diving show.
    Shopping (only if you wish) and outlining interest points in Negril.  Price starting at $15 per person for 2 people. 

  • Montego Bay to Negril – Negril is just about 1 1/2 away and you will discover many points along the way and many towns. Your driver will provide details stories on the history surrounding your location.  Tour includes: Round trip transportation. Several hours on the beach, or enjoy the many optional water sport. Your driver can take you for local cuisine,  Jerk Chicken, Curry goat and lots more. Late afternoon you will tour a bit of Negril and visit Ricks Cafe for cliff diving or their cliff diving show.  We depart to your Montego Bay hotel ( if you are on a cruise ship we depart Negril at 4:00 for embarkment) at 6:00 pm. Price starting at $150 or $75 per person for 2 people.

  • Dunn’s River Falls from Negril – This tour includes : Round trip transportation. Adventure climbing Dunns River Falls. The beach at the Falls, and Jamaican style lunch. Water sport rental is also available at an additional cost.  Start your day at 9:00 am – No rush while you are enjoying your day. This is private and not a shared excursion. The drive from Negril is ~ 2 hours. – Starting at $250 for 2 people or $125 per person.

  • Appleton Rum Factory a very interesting opportunity to learn more about Jamaica #1 selling and recognizable rum in the world. While you are there, you can also visit YS Falls and zip across the water, and if you still want more more exciting things to do, take a boat ride on the Black River, and play with Alligators – Starting at $160 for 2 people or $80 per person

  • How about going out on the water, eating delicious Jamaican cooking? Take a boat ride to Pelican Bar, enjoy a swim and relax under a Tiki on the water while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Starting at $160 for 2 people or $80 per person. You can combine this tour with YS Falls or Black River tour.

  • Jamaican Legend. Bob Marley Nine Mile tour combine with Dunn River Falls. An opportunity to see his birthplace and his many artifacts. Starting at $250 for 2 people or $125 per person

  • Negril Catamaran Cruise -This is a party for all. From the time you board the cruise, the party begins. Open bar and music to fill your soul. You get to snorkel, swim if you wish, relax, dance and take in the sunset. This cruise also goes to Rick Cafe where you can swim, and jump from the cliff in an exhilarating  moment in time. Starting at $59 per person

  • Hop and Hop off – Bar hopping in Negril – This is a fun afternoon of meeting different bartenders with different skills and personalities. You stop at the many bars along the way, eat Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork at the famous Red Dragon, dance to music at Ricks Cafe, and if your tours is on a Friday or Sunday stop at Drifters and listen to good Jamaican music. Starting at  $15 per person

If you don’t see a tour or a fun activity that meet your needs, or would like to mix and match,  let us know, and we will put a fun filled activity for you and yours. 

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