Montego Bay to Negril

Private Taxi to Hedonism 11

What kind of people go to Hedonism?
All types — doctors and lawyers, musicians and artists, secretaries and truck drivers, moms and retirees.

What kind of people should not go to Hedonism?
Don’t go to Hedo 11 if you can’t tolerate seeing naked people in public… If you are a couple, can you tolerate your spouse talking to a naked person of the opposite sex when you are not around? More importantly, can you tolerate your spouse possibly being hit on?

Why you should take private airport transfer? 5 reasons
First and foremost; you don’t have to wait on a bus for others going to other hotel flight to arrive. Second,  others won’t be  staring at you when you tell the driver your are going to Hedonism. Third, there is no  price difference between shuttle bus and booking online with a private taxi and tour operator. Fourth, You don’t have to leave the resort early. Fifth, many private Montego Bay airport to Negril private taxi and tour operators provide complimentary beverages.

Cost: $60 one way for 2 people or $120 round trip from Montego Bay airport to Negril

Therefore, if you are the kind of person that should go, and don’t want the hassle of waiting, and traveling with others. Then private transfer is the way to go. Go online and book with us or any online Montego Bay airport to Negril taxi and tour operators.

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