Montego Bay to Negril

Female Solo Travelers to Negril

Antonio Taxi and Tours  – shares tips aimed specifically at solo female travelers to Negril.

SAM_2457  Be Careful on the Beach – Invest in waterproof gear to protect your valuable. Don’t swim intoxicated. Only get in the water when others are around. Don’t trust strangers to watch your possessions.

 Stay Focus – Don’t lose focus of where you are. Always remember there are people out there seeking out lonely female travelers. Trust your instincts.

 Rent a phone – Rent a phone with local and international credits. Input the number for the police department, Jamaica Tourist Board, your embassy, and hid it in a safe place. Avoid unwanted attention from would-be predator.

Plan Your Evening – Party near your hotel. Do not take a taxi that is not licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board. Check the vehicle tags on the vehicle, and make sure they are a member of JUTA Negril.

Safety Tips – Do not walk on the beach at night. Do not walk on the cliff (West End) at night. Only drinks a reputable bars. Avoid getting drunk. Do not go to anyone’s home and stay overnight. If you would not do it at home, don’t do it overseas. Don’t make it widely known that you are traveling alone.

Buying Drugs – All drugs including marijuana is illegal in Jamaica.

Communicate Home – Call home and send text messages updating friends and family of your regular activities.

Valuable – Leave all valuable you would be devastated losing.

Inexpensive hotels – Cheap might be good for your pocketbook, but know the location of your hotel before you book.

There are only a few. If you have more advice for solo travelers, send them to






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