Hotels In Negril

Negril Overview

Hotels in Negril vary in size and cost. Many are all – inclusive, while others are small and family friendly.  Many are located on the beach road, and others are located on the  Cliff. All hotels in Negril cannot be more than three floor, because they all want uniformity and the ability for every tourist to view the Caribbean sea, and the beautiful sunset. The tagline for Negril is the “Capital of Casual.” When you arrive in Negril, you let everything go, and relax. Don’t think about work, or problems you left behind. In Negril, the Caribbean Sea will solve them all for you, if you want to let go, and think clearly. Whatsover, decisions you have to make, coming to Negri,l and staying at any of our hotels will having you returning home, with fresh new thoughts, and a new beginning.

Recommended Restaurants

In Negril you can find many great restaurants such as: 3-Dives on the Cliff, Sweet Spice in the town, Collette on the beach road, directly across from the hotel Rooms, Cosmo at the far end of the beach going North, Sweet Spot, two doors from Collette,Push Cart, Rockhouse, Ivan’s and SeaStar are all on the Cliff. For Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork check out Best of the West and Red Dragon on the same road as the fire station.


Negril golf course is minutes away from the beach. You can go Snorkeling, Parasailing, participate in Liquid Yoga at Negril Treehouse, Diving, traditional Yoga, or joining the gym during your stay


Go on a bar hopping evening to the many locals bars, and listen to Reggae music, while supporting many of the local establishments. Note: Always travel with your tour operator, because they know the best and safe places to go. Jungle on certain nights, entrance fees are free to female. Scrub a dub is for the male, but females are also welcome. Very late at night the action begins on the beach road. Therefore, go to bed early and wake up around midnight and be ready to hit the road.

Place To Worship

In Jamaica there are more bars than church, but Jamaica also have many places to go and worship. While you are on vacation, if you would like to attend a place of worship. Give your tour operator a call, and he or she will be willing to take you to your worship of preference.