Renting a car in Jamaica - Photo from the Jamaica Gleaner
Should we rent a car in Jamaica

By Antonio Airport Transfers and Tours

Many people send emails regarding this question, “Should we rent a car or hire a private car?”

Our answer is always “NO. You do not want to rent a car, unless you are an experience Jamaican driver”.

Why? Although we prefer guest to utilize our services, we know the danger of guest driving in Jamaica. Not only to themselves, but to others.

If you survive driving in Jamaica, congratulation. However, if you don’t then the cost of private car which is $60 – $100 one way for 2 people from Montego Bay airport to Negril, vs renting a car for $50 per day excluding insurance and taxes is not worth the probably result. We all know that it is cheaper, but at what cost?

Recently, Four guests car collides with a trailer. All four was killed and the driver of the trailer in stable condition. See for full story.
Therefore, we highly recommend that you don’t rent a car regardless of where you are staying, and where you want to go. Drive with one of the licensed taxi or tour operators and experience how the roads are handled. Driving on the left in Jamaica is very different than driving on the left in Europe. Jamaica has many turns and potholes. Driving on the island is a whole different experience.
Taxi and tours operators are widely available at a cost less than your life. So call any of the taxi and tours operators in Jamaica, and leave the driving to us!
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