There is more than one way to discover Negril. Here are 10 things:

  1. Hotels – All hotels in Negril are not greater than 2 levels – Sunset on the Palms, Riu Negril, Hedonism 11
  2. Negril has two sides. Negril Beach and Negril Cliff
  3. One of the seven miles beaches in the world
  4. All the great restaurants are located on Negril Cliff- Catch A Falling Star, 3 – Dives, Push Cart, Rockhouse
  5. Late night activities are on Negril beach road – Jungle, Alfred’s, hotels entertainment
  6. The famous Rick’s Cafe is located on Negril Cliff -Cliff diving
  7. Negril famous Lighthouse
  8. Blue Hole cave diving
  9. Negril Craft market and Duty Free shopping
  10. One of the greatest place to see beautiful and fascinating sunset

Regardless, of your vacation needs. Negril does have a lot to offer. Come to Jamaica and Have a Good Time!


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