Taxis Services in Jamaica

Jamaica is Paradise

Paradise is Jamaica with sandy beaches and top notch hotels and the prefect place to release all your stresses and forget about what you left behind, at least for a couple of days or a few weeks. Jamaica is the land of “one love, one heart,” and as the Legend Bob Marley sang, “lets get together and feel alright.” Since we are entering into June, lets talked about Love. Recently, at the Royal wedding in London, the US Minister Michael Curry spoke of the “Power of Love.” He said, “Water cannot quenched it, and a flood cannot drown it. ” Jamaica has a lot of water, and yet still so many people travel to Jamaica for that blissful feeling and moment. The Duchess of Sussex got married in Jamaica in 2011, because of the intoxicating, romantic vibes Jamaica has to offer. Therefore, coming to Jamaica to join in matrimony, only prove that romance, sunshine, beaches and sand is all you will ever need to start a new life. Jamaica blue waters, people and music will remove all doubt and turn your fantasies into reality.

Jamaica is one of the most popular locations for destination weddings. It is very close to the United States and it is a place to make your dreams come true. Antonio Transfers and Tours in Jamaica with drivers from Negril and Montego Bay can make your special day, and your time in Jamaica a very special moment, and one  you will never forget. The moment you arrive into Montego bay airport, Antonio Transfers and Tours are there to meet you with champagne, rum punch or a cold Jamaican Red Stripe beer. You will be taken to your hotel of choice, and enjoy your stay until the time you are ready to leave paradise to your home to start your new journey.

Therefore, whatsoever, your wedding dream, Jamaica and Antonio Transfers and Tours is willing to make it all happen. Whether, it taking you for flowers, assisting with tours, having your last bar hopping with friends. There will be no celebration without a little bit of Jamaica to experience paradise.

Should We Rent a Car in Jamaica

Renting a car in Jamaica - Photo from the Jamaica Gleaner

Should we rent a car in Jamaica

By Antonio Airport Transfers and Tours

Many people send emails regarding this question, “Should we rent a car or hire a private car?”

Our answer is always “NO. You do not want to rent a car, unless you are an experience Jamaican driver”.

Why? Although we prefer guest to utilize our services, we know the danger of guest driving in Jamaica. Not only to themselves, but to others.

If you survive driving in Jamaica, congratulation. However, if you don’t then the cost of private car which is $60 – $100 one way for 2 people from Montego Bay airport to Negril, vs renting a car for $50 per day excluding insurance and taxes is not worth the probably result. We all know that it is cheaper, but at what cost?

Recently, Four guests car collides with a trailer. All four was killed and the driver of the trailer in stable condition. See for full story.
Therefore, we highly recommend that you don’t rent a car regardless of where you are staying, and where you want to go. Drive with one of the licensed taxi or tour operators and experience how the roads are handled. Driving on the left in Jamaica is very different than driving on the left in Europe. Jamaica has many turns and potholes. Driving on the island is a whole different experience.
Taxi and tours operators are widely available at a cost less than your life. So call any of the taxi and tours operators in Jamaica, and leave the driving to us!
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Montego Bay Airport Transfer

In Montego Bay there are several taxis and tours operators, that transfer many people each day from Montego Bay airport to villas, hotels, resorts, private homes, cabins and cottages. So how do you know which ground transportation is the best? Or which one is safe? Or which one to trust? Which one paid their car insurance? Which one is license to transfer passengers?

Here are a few pointers:

Montego Bay Airport Taxi – Many people don’t want to be bothered with shopping around for a taxi when they arrive or before they arrive on the internet, so they clear custom in Jamaica, and go directly to the taxi stand and request a taxi to their destination. These guys are all licensed and insured to move incoming passengers to their various location. So what is the drawback? Their are very expensive, because they operator at the airport and must pay higher fees. Therefore, if you would like to support these operators, they are as qualified as any other operators.

Hotel/Airfare/Transportation – If you don’t mind waiting for others to arrive before the bus can leave, then this is the way to go. Here is the drawback. If you are the first to arrive, your wait can be very long. Since it is bundled with your airfare/hotel, it is very difficult to separate the cost. Therefore, unless you don’t mind paying the extra for private transfer, this is the best way to go. Note to those that say, “The hotel offers free transfer” Please. There are no free transfer between the airport and your hotel. It is bundled in the total (airfare and hotel ) cost.

Private Transfer – There are several private transfers that can be arranged in advance by phone, or via their  websites. These companies are competitors, but they all have the same things in common.

1) There are members of JUTA ( Jamaica Union of Travelers Association)  and they all are required to have vehicles certain years old, license with JTB (Jamaica Tourist Board), updated car insurance, and must have a red plate on their vehicles. Once you land in Jamaica you will see vehicles everywhere with JUTA on the front and the back of each vehicles with two letters and a numbers. The letters represent their chapter affiliation. Such as LC is Lucea Chapter, NC is Negril, and so forth. The number represent the next number available for membership.

2) These members are all independent contractors, and many of them have their own private airport transfer website business, apart from contracting with hotels through Montego Bay, Ocho rios, Falmouth, Lucea, and Negril JUTA chapter.  Then there are two other private membership. JCAL and MaxiTours

3) Many of the private internet businesses are listed on TripAdvisor, and they rely receiving great reviews from their customers.

4) All of these companies compete on price. Because all other services are constant.

So how do you choose which one is right for you? You shop around until you find one that meets your need and your personality. All the private transfers with JUTA, Maxitours and JCAL,  offers the same level of services, and all at the same price. Therefore, the next time you want a private transfer. Choose a company, asked other customers for their option, and go with your feelings. Chances are you will never go wrong.

by Diana Walsh

Montego Bay Airport – Taxis Services

There are several airport transfer operators at Montego Bay Airport. However, there are two taxi companies operating at Sangster International Airport that are authorized to meet customers inside (they wear red pants) the lobby. All other operators wait outside the airport to your right waiting for private paid arrival customers, or if you are taking a shuttle, then you proceed to the desk inside the airport where they will lead you to the shuttle services waiting for arrival customers.

The two companies share a common Authorised Airport Taxi desk located just outside the Customs exit. The names of the companies are JUTA and JCAL.

All private taxi and tours operators including the authorized airport taxis are members of these two organization. Therefore, when you hire a driver, his or her car will also have JUTA or JCAL written on their vehicles.

Some operators also put the name of their company on their vehicles, while others don’t. Not having their name on the vehicle is not required. What is required are: Jamaica Tourist Board licensed (JTB), a red plate, insurance and a licensed operator.

The authorized airport taxis are a bit more expensive. For example a private taxi from Montego Bay airport to Negril range from $65-$75. While the airport taxi is $100. Why the difference? 1) They must pay a fee for the privilege and 2) They live in Montego Bay so the extra commute is costly on gas.

The airport taxis are best for short run around the Montego Bay area, and the resorts in Montego Bay.  Those prices are competitive.

So when you book your flight and hotel, compare airport transfer prices. Regardless, of who you choose, we all work together to get you to your resort.


Taxis From Montego Bay Airport

Once you clear custom and enter into Montego Bay arrival hall, you will be approached by many tour operators. They are selling their services for the best price possible. They will provide safe shuttle transportation from the airport to your hotel. However, if you want private transportation, sometimes it is not so easy for the price you are willing to pay.

Therefore, it is best to arrange your private transportation prior to landing into Montego Bay. The prices varies depending on where in Jamaica. Here are some guidelines in US$ for private transportation for up to three people:

  • Montego Bay airport to hotels in and around Montego Bay – $35 to $50 one way
  • Montego Bay airport to hotels in Ocho Rios – $80 to $95 one way
  • Montego Bay airport to hotels in Negril – $65- $70 one way
  • Montego Bay airport to Grand Palladium in Lucea – $50 to $60
  • Montego Bay airport to hotels or friends in Kingstons – $230 -$300

Many adventurous people attempt to take taxis that are not insured, nor certified. We don’t recommend those forms of transportation because it can create a problem. Here are a few reasons:

  1. If there is an accident, there are no recourse
  2. Prices varies and once you get into their cars, anything can happen
  3. Stops along the way at local shops are frequent
  4. Clean cars with air condition is not an option
  5. They are not certified to transfer tourist around the island

Therefore, follow the same rules in your own country. In Jamaica taxing tourist around the island  is a form of survival. Many of these people are safe drivers, and good people. However, without the proper license and insurance, you actually place your wonderful vacation at risk.

If you would like to use our services from Montego Bay to Negril or to any of the resorts around the island, excellent. We can also refer you to other licensed transportation operators.