Montego Bay Airport

Montego Bay Airport – Taxis Services

There are several airport transfer operators at Montego Bay Airport. However, there are two taxi companies operating at Sangster International Airport that are authorized to meet customers inside (they wear red pants) the lobby. All other operators wait outside the airport to your right waiting for private paid arrival customers, or if you are taking a shuttle, then you proceed to the desk inside the airport where they will lead you to the shuttle services waiting for arrival customers.

The two companies share a common Authorised Airport Taxi desk located just outside the Customs exit. The names of the companies are JUTA and JCAL.

All private taxi and tours operators including the authorized airport taxis are members of these two organization. Therefore, when you hire a driver, his or her car will also have JUTA or JCAL written on their vehicles.

Some operators also put the name of their company on their vehicles, while others don’t. Not having their name on the vehicle is not required. What is required are: Jamaica Tourist Board licensed (JTB), a red plate, insurance and a licensed operator.

The authorized airport taxis are a bit more expensive. For example a private taxi from Montego Bay airport to Negril range from $65-$75. While the airport taxi is $100. Why the difference? 1) They must pay a fee for the privilege and 2) They live in Montego Bay so the extra commute is costly on gas.

The airport taxis are best for short run around the Montego Bay area, and the resorts in Montego Bay.  Those prices are competitive.

So when you book your flight and hotel, compare airport transfer prices. Regardless, of who you choose, we all work together to get you to your resort.


Taxis From Montego Bay Airport

Once you clear custom and enter into Montego Bay arrival hall, you will be approached by many tour operators. They are selling their services for the best price possible. They will provide safe shuttle transportation from the airport to your hotel. However, if you want private transportation, sometimes it is not so easy for the price you are willing to pay.

Therefore, it is best to arrange your private transportation prior to landing into Montego Bay. The prices varies depending on where in Jamaica. Here are some guidelines in US$ for private transportation for up to three people:

  • Montego Bay airport to hotels in and around Montego Bay – $35 to $50 one way
  • Montego Bay airport to hotels in Ocho Rios – $80 to $95 one way
  • Montego Bay airport to hotels in Negril – $65- $70 one way
  • Montego Bay airport to Grand Palladium in Lucea – $50 to $60
  • Montego Bay airport to hotels or friends in Kingstons – $230 -$300

Many adventurous people attempt to take taxis that are not insured, nor certified. We don’t recommend those forms of transportation because it can create a problem. Here are a few reasons:

  1. If there is an accident, there are no recourse
  2. Prices varies and once you get into their cars, anything can happen
  3. Stops along the way at local shops are frequent
  4. Clean cars with air condition is not an option
  5. They are not certified to transfer tourist around the island

Therefore, follow the same rules in your own country. In Jamaica taxing tourist around the island  is a form of survival. Many of these people are safe drivers, and good people. However, without the proper license and insurance, you actually place your wonderful vacation at risk.

If you would like to use our services from Montego Bay to Negril or to any of the resorts around the island, excellent. We can also refer you to other licensed transportation operators.




Montego Bay Airport Transportation

In Montego Bay there are several transportation from the airport to resort hotels around the island. There are 45 -seaters, 25-seaters, 10 – seaters, 4 – seaters, and 3-seaters transportation. All transportation can accommodate two pieces of luggage per person.  Although you can travel around the island in 9 hours, many transportation operators work in either Ocho Rios, Negril or Montego Bay.

When you book an airline seat, and hotel, there is one more reservation.  Your airport transportation to the hotel. There are no free hotel transportation. When you book your flight or hotel reservation, sometimes transportation is included. It is all bundled in the price.

However, you always have a choice of transportation services ( shuttle services -riding with others going to various hotels) or private transportation.

Here are a few reliable and dependable transportation services:

  • Turner Taxis and Tours Jamaica -
  • Walsh Jamaica Airport Transportation
  • Clive’s Transportation
  • JUTA 876-957-9197
  • Jamaica Tours 876-953-3700
  • Many others

Regardless of your choice of transportation, we would like to invite and welcome you to Jamaica.  Leave the transportation hassle to a competent operator in Jamaica. You are on vacation, why not make it a first class vacation.

We work with a team of licensed, and insured operators. If you would like referrals, send us an email.