Discover Negril

Things To Do While You Are In Negril

Once you are in your private transfer from Montego Bay to Negril, do not hesitate to speak with your driver about anything you would like to know about Jamaica, Montego Bay, Negril, etc. They would appreciate the opportunity to meet their goals by exceeding your expectations.
While you are in Negril, below are a list of things to do and see. Where to dine, nightlife,entertainment and tours: This list is not complete, there are many other things to do, but your driver will brief you on your special interest.
Where To Dine:  3 Dives Jerk Center, Ivan’s (Catch A Falling Star) Restaurant, Kuyaba Restaurant, Best of the West – great sidewalk place to eat Jerk Chicken and relax, Rockhouse, Spa Retreat, Push Cart, LTU restaurant, Sweet Spice – local cuisine – no liquor is served. Breakfast – Collette on the beach road, a local restaurant.
Things To Do: Yamon Red Stripe Catamaran Cruise, Ask the driver to take you on a local bar crawl, Bobby Cave Island for lobster picnic, YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, Appleton Rum Tour in St. Elizabeth, Blue Hole near Negril, A 1/2 day of Negril, exploring the old roads and local local lifestyle, Horseback riding at Rhodes, Cliff jumping at Rick’s Cafe, Mayfield Falls just 45 minutes from Negril, Pelican Bar in St. Elizabeth, Dunn River Falls in Ocho Rios – 3 hours away from Negril, Black River Safari, in St. Elizabeth, Rafting on Martha Brae, Bob Marley home, or Museum, Savanna La Mar 1/2 day tour,
Bar/Entertainment: Red Dragon great place for Jerk Pork, but my must get there by 1:30pm the latest and not before 1:00pm. The sell out within an hours. German Bar, Canoe Bar on Thursdays during the busy season, Drifter great music after 3pm on Fridays, Alfred Ocean Palace on Tuesday night, Jungles and Thursday night, Bourbon Beach, Roots Bamboo.
SPA: Kamala Spa at Moon Dance Cliff, Jackie’s on the Cliff
If you are walking along the beach, and feel like stopping for a drink. Check out: Rondel Village, Legend, great rum punch, Kuyaba, Negril Treehouse,
Shopping: Check out the Craft Market for an adventurous experience, Time Square, and small shops in the round- about in Negril, HiLo Supermarket
Currency Exchange/ATM: Any of the banks in Negril round – about, Cambio – Do not exchange currencies on the street.
Getting Around in Negril: There are several ways to get around in Negril.
1) JUTA taxi and tours, MaxiTours or JCAL
2) Route Taxi
3) Rent a car
4) Bikes.
The safe way is using JUTA, MaxiTours or JCAL located at your hotel. If there are not available, then your next best way of transportation is a red plate route taxi. Check their windshield to make sure their vehicle is license and insured.
JUTA taxis and tours, MaxiTours and JCAL all should have JTB on their vehicles, which represent Jamaica Tourist Board licensed. These licensed and insured JTB vehicles are $3-$6 higher, but penny wise and pound foolish is not worth it in the end. The difference in cost is your safety insurance.
Bikes are NoNo.
Rent a car is okay, however, you don’t want to get in an accident. If you are at fault, you are going to pay through your noise. If the other vehicle is at fault and they are Jamaican, you can kiss any settlement go by. It will take years to settle.
Call your Montego Bay Airport to Negril driver first, if he or she is not available, they will send a license and insured taxi for you.
Enjoy your time in Negril! Relax! Be Safe!
by Antonio Airport Transfers and Tours

10 Things You Should Not Do In Negril

DON’T GO INTO AREAS AT NIGHT THAT ARE POORLY LIT – Always err on the side of caution.

DON’T RENT SCOOTERS/CARS/BIKE – The rules in Jamaica is to travel on the left. Therefore, if you are not familiar with curves, turns and left side of driving, this can cause you to have a very short vacation.

DON’T JUST EAT AND DRINK THINGS THAT ARE FAMILIAR – Try the local foods and drinks, such as ackee, curry goat, stew pea, cowfoot, oxtail, irish moss, JB rum, ting, and many of our local cuisines.

DON’T FALL IN LOVE IN NEGRIL – Negril is the capital of casual, and many of the men and women on the beach are all about sex and money. They will fool you with their lyrics, and it is very intoxicating. Take it for what it is worth. Enjoy what they have to say and move on.

DON’T TAKE  RED PLATE TAXIS THAT DOES NOT DISPLAY JTB (JAMAICA TOURIST BOARD) STICKER ON THEIR WINDSHIELD.  These taxis without the JTB stickers  are more convenient, because they are everywhere, and can get you anywhere you want to go. But, they do not carry Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) liability insurance. If you are adventurous and don’t mine the risk. Taking one of these taxi is an experience.

DON’T GO ON A BIG  BUS FOR A TOUR. If you are traveling in a very large group, you might have to go that route. Because taking individual private transportation will be costly. On the big tour buses, there are too many people asking different questions, some want to stop, while others want to go. You will never get all what Jamaica has to offer when you travel on a tour bus.

DON’T GO SHOPPING IN THE CRAFT MARKET. Unless you know what you want, you will be very frustrated with the number of vendors selling the same things, and rushing you from stalls to stalls. Go to the duty free shop or asked your driver to take you to a place less hassling.

DON’T JUMP FROM THE CLIFF AT RICK CAFE – If you are having any health issues, or don’t know how to dive from a diving board, visit and watch the locals.

DON’T WALK THE BEACH LATE AT NIGHT – It is very dark and lonely and can attract unscrupulous character.

DON’T WALK ON THE CLIFF SIDE OF NEGRIL AT NIGHT- Due to limited side walk, poorly lit roads, and very sharp corners. Drivers are always utilizing walking space.

Written by Kaden

Discover Negril Jamaica

There is more than one way to discover Negril. Here are 10 things:

  1. Hotels – All hotels in Negril are not greater than 2 levels – Sunset on the Palms, Riu Negril, Hedonism 11
  2. Negril has two sides. Negril Beach and Negril Cliff
  3. One of the seven miles beaches in the world
  4. All the great restaurants are located on Negril Cliff- Catch A Falling Star, 3 – Dives, Push Cart, Rockhouse
  5. Late night activities are on Negril beach road – Jungle, Alfred’s, hotels entertainment
  6. The famous Rick’s Cafe is located on Negril Cliff -Cliff diving
  7. Negril famous Lighthouse
  8. Blue Hole cave diving
  9. Negril Craft market and Duty Free shopping
  10. One of the greatest place to see beautiful and fascinating sunset

Regardless, of your vacation needs. Negril does have a lot to offer. Come to Jamaica and Have a Good Time!